Founded in 1976, BECTERM INC. began operations as a supplier and designer of specialized computer products, offering cost-effective, efficient solutions to specific computer and electronic requirements. In the late 1970's, BECTERM’s development effort was applied to the design and production of a unique parallel-processing architecture, based on microprocessor technology (initially 8-bit based but later upgrading to 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessors). Development of the parallel-processing systems continued through the 1980s, offering solutions to customers in various environments: banking, government, medical, manufacturing, university, service bureau, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, telephone, National Defence, etc.. BECTERM is proud to have developed the first Canadian-designed computer technology that was sold to the Japanese (in 1986). During the 1990's, BECTERM oriented our in-house technical expertise towards the development of microprocessor-based controls for automating particular manufacturing requirements. Over the years, BECTERM’s efforts have focused on the design and development of control products and solutions for automating a wide range of production processes including: - position controllers (1, 2 and 3 axes); - rollformer controllers for manufacturing “Siding”, “Soffit”, etc.; - automated clamping and “Gripping” systems; - CNC controllers for milling machines, automated circular saws and bandsaws, “Backgauges” for pressbrake and shears, automated drilling systems, guillotine cutters; - CNC controllers for springmaking installations (hot spring coilers, Spring testers, etc.); - CNC meter mix dispensing systems; - controllers for plastics transforming machines (injection, thermoforming); - various lifting/manipulating solutions including pneumatic-driven robots, air-spring lifters, air over oil systems/installation; - a selection of tools/components for the water treatment industry The concept now known as the “Internet of Things” has figured prominently in BECTERM’s approach to applying microprocessor technology to optimize productivity in various work environments. Be it a custom requirement for a particular customer/industry or a standard product offering, the range of projects/products that BECTERM has realized in the past 30+ years reflect BECTERM’s commitment to effectively apply technology to solve everyday workplace problems and to facilitate increased efficiency.
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